Passenger information

No experience required

General information about passenger flights

Experienced pilots with an appropriate advanced training and license are allowed to carry a passenger on the paraglider. Tandem flights require a special paragliding equipment. During the flight you sit in a comfortable paragliding seat (harness).

The start is simple: at the command of the pilot, you start running, and after only a few steps the wing gently lifts you up! It is possible to take photos during the flight, and for those who like action, the pilot performs on request some exciting maneuvers.

Requirements for a tandem flight

You do not need any prior knowledge in order to fly as a passenger. After the preparation for the start, the pilot will explain everything you need to know about take-off and landing. Both the 5 to 20 meter run at the start (depending on the weather conditions and starting place) as well as the altitude of the starting place from 1000 m to 2000 m do not impose any special requirements on your physical condition. The landing is gentle.

Children and teenagers under 16 years of age need the consent of a legal guardian. For passengers weighing under 30 kg or over 100 kg, please contact us personally to clarify whether a flight is possible. You need good shoes, a windproof jacket and maybe gloves for the flight according to weather and temperature. We also borrow you shoes and wind stopper jackets for free. The pilot brings a helmet for you.

Procedure of your passenger flight


Ideally you reserve your desired date about two weeks in advance. Although we can usually accommodate short-term reservations, the sooner you inform us of your flight date, the more certain it is that we have time for you.

Bring with you

Good shoes, a windproof jacket and maybe gloves are required for the flight according to weather and temperature. The pilot brings a helmet for you.

The day before

Paragliding is weather-dependent. That is the reason why we determine the meeting time and meeting point the day before the flight.

Meeting point

Please be on time to the agreed meeting point - the cable cars and trains do not wait.

at the take off area

The pilot prepares the paragliding equipment, equips you with helmet and harness, and explains the start procedure.

In the air

Lean back and enjoy the experience! The pilot tries to extend your flight time to the maximum, and therefore looks for the winds. But it is your flight, and you can express your wishes at any time. Do you love roller coasters and want to experience impressive maneuvers? Or do you want to control the paraglider yourself? We can often fulfill these wishes. During the flight you have your hands free and can take photos or videos. Tip: Do not only look through the lens during the flight, because you cannot capture the flight feeling on pictures.


The gentle landing completes the paragliding experience. If you want, you can watch the pictures taken with our special camera and buy them on a usb memory card (CHF 30.-). Our landing sites are only a few minutes walk from the meeting place.