About us

Parajoy was established in the year 2000 as an Internet platform with the purpose of offering tandem flights to a wide public, thus opening up the fascination of paragliding. For the four founding members coming from a local paragliding school, the joy of tandem flying was at the forefront.

After a good 4 years the platform's coordinator, Marcel Schmid, took over the website, widened the offer and developed professional structures. The former hobby became then a professional company and a main job. The love of tandem flying has remained!

From 2016, we revised our offer to develop towards quality rather than quantity. For our clientele, we now appear in the new form of tandemflug.ch.

Passion is in the air!


Marcel Schmid

Founder, tandem pilot and manager
Best paragliding experience:
Hike & fly through Europe

Urs Estermann

Tandem pilot and manager
Best paragliding experience:
Flying in the Atacama desert

Werner Jürgens

Tandem pilot and hike & fly enthousiast
Best paragliding experience:
Sunrise flight from Pilatus

Philipp Steinger

Tandem and cross-country pilot
Best paragliding experience:
World record in category free out-and-return (to this flight)