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Paragliding from Pilatus above Lucerne as a tandem-paragliding passenger

Take off with us and experience the unique landscape around Lake Lucerne from a whole new point of view. Like eagles, we circle in the thermals and we glide silently over mountains, forests and lakes.


Gleitschirmfliegen in Luzern Passagier mitfliegen


15 - 30 min.

Altitude difference



CHF 200



Tandemflug Zentralschweiz Pilatus Luzern über Nebel


20 - 60 min.

Altitude difference



CHF 250


Options available

Photo-/videoservice CHF 30

Cable car option CHF 30

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Sunrise Pilot for a day

You can trust in over 20 years of paragliding experience

Pilatus is not only the very own mountain of Lucerne but also our favourite flight area. The unique point of view and the breathtaking panorama over Lake Lucerne and the Alps are exceptional. But paragliding is dependent on the weather – so we decide the day before where we carry out our flights. Our goal is to start in the flight area which promises the best conditions according to the season and the weather around Lake Lucerne.
All our flying spots are also easily accessible by public transport.


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Although we can usually accommodate short-term reservations, the sooner you inform us of your flight date, the more certain it is that we have time for you.

No prerequisites necessary, maximum weight of passenger 100kg / 220lbs

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